The founders of BCPS have been intimately involved in forensics and professional services for over 25 years. Its director and executives were pioneers in this field and successfully established numerous entities in this dynamic arena as an originator of the current model of private sector law enforcement, partnering with and supplementing public sector resources. BCPS, their current venture, was established in November 2014 as a new opportunity for the director and executive to nurture their staff and cultivate their earlier reputation, experience and success in efficiently providing forensics and professional services to their clients.

Our collective proficiency in forensic investigations, business intelligence, digital forensics and litigation support services assist our clients to proactively counteract the pitfalls that may arise in a modern, dynamic corporate venture. The detailed analysis and reporting BCPS provide is particularly relevant in the arena of modern business compliance and in crime, fraud and corruption investigations; as well as to turnkey operations where the focus is on restructuring, reorganising and reengineering identified business processes. Reliable intelligence supplied by BCPS to its clients after an investigative process allows them to plot the most effective course of action possible.

BCPS continuously develops and applies new business and industry practices which ensure that we remain market leaders. In addition, we continue to expand our service offerings to our clients by successfully merging investigative skills with professional competencies including legal, accounting, tax, human resources, forensic IT, procurement review and country intelligence to transform information into operational business intelligence. BCPS thus ensures their clients are armed with information which allows them to make practical, relevant decisions.

Expertise & Experience

BCPS has a national footprint which is managed from its headquarters in Sandton, Johannesburg where we employ highly skilled individuals who have all worked extensively in both the public and private sectors.

We offer our clients a complete forensics and turnkey project management solution. Once briefed in a specific matter, we supervise all aspects of a matter from the initial investigation, compilation of the relevant Complainant affidavits and annexures, liaison with the South African Police Service, civil recovery and / or prosecution. Our success in this area is unparalleled and is largely due to the fact that we complement our forensic resources with professional legal, accounting, tax, human resources, forensic IT, procurement review, due diligence and country intelligence service providers. BCPS also have a full complement of administrative staff to ensure professional backup and support for all cases being investigated.

Over the past few years, members of our investigative and management team have fostered strategic connections with numerous State organs, specifically the National Prosecuting Authority, The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (Hawks), Organised Crime and the Commercial Crime Units of the South African Police Service. Our international footprint is expanding organically, across jurisdictions in Africa, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

These relationships have developed because of the high-profile cases our team has been involved in over the last 25 years and the professional results-driven forensics applied to those matters.

Professional Credentials & Memberships Of The Team

The experience and qualifications of our team will ensure the success of your investigative process. Our staff is qualified, competent and experienced – their varied qualifications include Diplomas in Forensics; Bachelors (and Post-graduate) Degrees in Accounting, Business Science, Commerce, Law and Forensic Science; Postgraduate Degrees in Law; and prior senior positions in the National Prosecuting Authority, the Special Commercial Crimes Unit and other specialised units of the South African Police Service and Scotland Yard. CV's of key personnel are available on request.

BEE Scorecard

Basileus Consilium Professional Services is a level 4 BEE Contributor in South Africa.