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Jackie Selebi’s shady Kebble links

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National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi is linked to shadowy figures who were associated with slain businessman Brett Kebble. A Mail & Guardian investigation has revealed a web of relationships connecting Selebi to Clinton Nassif and Glenn Agliotti, who worked with Kebble on a series of “security” and other projects.

Cipro: when empowerment and politics screw business

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The sad story of the companies’ registration office, Cipro, is a classic tale of how government doesn’t work: those in charge are absorbed by grand, global issues while back in the office the actual work is ignored by a staff of stop-gap, job-hopping executives riding the black-empowerment whirlwind.

The Grand Scam, by Rob Rose

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Journalist Rob Rose analyses how The Grand Scam inflicted hundreds of investors in South Africa, Australia and Europe how it had ploughed more than 12.5 billion Rand into Barry Tannenbaum’s scheme, based on the empty promise of immense riches.