Crowe Horwath Forensics

In a world where auditing is perceived as a standard service, differentiation comes from having a close enough relationship with clients to be able to identify and add value in the specific areas that matter most. Crowe Horwath in Southern Africa provides the personal attention of a small firm, the service efficiency of a medium size and the resource and knowledge base of a multinational. With two independent offices based in Johannesburg and Cape Town; just one of the many reasons why we're the difference between a 'need to have' auditing firm and a 'want to have' auditing firm... Even though we're ranked 9th among accounting and management consulting firms worldwide, we're strictly a 2nd tier firm, preferring to let the quality of service delivery dictate the size of our localised firms.


Sinclair Consulting

We offer comprehensive insight and awareness services to executives and decision-makers. For decades, we have been helping companies; get answers to their strategic and tactical business questions in high-risk, complex and high-return environments.

Creating scenarios is a different, proven approach to planning for the future. When it is done in an engaging fashion, it harnesses participants' collective experience and knowledge as well as their powers of judgment and intuition. The exercise may sound simple - and in some cases it is.

Our clients have an invaluable competitive advantage - they are seldom caught unawares by developments in their operating environments, during times of crisis or ‘big’ opportunity, they are forewarned and forearmed.