Our proven Forensics and Professional Services combine a robust service delivery process and traditional investigation techniques with advanced information technology processes such as data analytics and end to end process analysis, to ensure deadlines are met with precision and competence.

Information obtained during an assignment is analysed utilising MEMEX, an integrated intelligence management and analysis system, which assists us to draw telling links between commercial entities and related individuals as well as reviewing communications. A dynamic, organic and distinctive visual representation will be presented to you from time to time during the process. The Memex system is an international industry standard, favored by major law enforcement, military and counterterrorism intelligence initiatives and commercial ventures across the globe.

Focus On High Value Areas

In our experience, an effective response to business crime within an organisation is a proactive one - as such BCPS will provide management with recommendations to reduce risks, improve processes and promote legitimate productivity in the future.

We are able to provide comment on the current governance structures in place and make recommendations to improve governance practices.

Our Forensic and Professional Services accordingly use enablers such as:

  • Implementation of our Forensic Audit Methodology;
  • A Focused Approach to the Areas of Concern;
  • Deployment of Forensic Investigative assets;
  • Technical, efficient and dynamic investigation solutions;
  • Forensic Data preservation and analysis;
  • Litigation Support Services, including case preparation with attorneys and counsel; and the provision of expert witnesses in disciplinary hearings, criminal and civil litigation;
  • Forensic Auditing and accounting services;
  • Tax advisory and Dispute Resolution services;
  • Procurement Review Services;
  • Country Intelligence analysis and reporting;
  • Corporate Due Diligence;
  • Personnel Vetting & Credit Review; and
  • Security Analysis and recommendations


Our clients have been involved in sectors as diverse as Advertising, Communications, Competition, Banking and Finance, Entertainment, Hospitality, Mining, Oil and Petroleum, Private Security, Transport, Manufacturing, and Retail. We have also assisted Government at all levels, Parastatals and Unions.


We take pride in a professional and accessible approach with the following benefits:

  • Agile deployment of resources;
  • Access to a complete team of specialists, under the direction of top-level management;
  • Real time contact and feedback;
  • Project Continuity in our teams;
  • A collaborative approach partnering with our clients;
  • Practical solutions to issues that arise;
  • Understandable, practical and implementable solutions


All information obtained is obviously confidential, and the proprietary use thereof is governed by agreement with our clients.

Free Estimate Assumptions

BCPS provides a professional, high-level service that delivers value. This includes the allocated use of a team for each assignment, ranging from Directors, Senior Executives, IT Specialists, Forensic Investigators, Forensic Intelligence Analysts, Forensic Accountants and Support Staff.

We will estimate our proposed Scope of Work and Billing Rates for the particular assignment, based on hourly rates for the different levels of personnel at the start of an assignment.

Any additional assistance and disbursements that you may require outside of the agreed proposed Scope of Work will be discussed with and approved by management and the key stakeholders at BCPS before the commencement (or expansion) of any activity.


The exclusive methods applied by BCPS make us a prominent advisor with a proven track record for our clients, across the spectrum of commerce.

Our goal is to consistently advance as the leading forensics and professional services provider to top-tier clientele.

Our team hope to assist you with dynamic, practical, strategic and commercial advice.