Our Team

    Forensic Investigator - Import/Export Specialist

  • 30 Year's experience in the Fraud, Forensic & Special Investigations sector
  • Currently Forensic Investigator/Financial Analyst at Basileus Consilium Professional Services
  • Previously Senior Manager: Forensic Investigations at KPMG, leading teams on large corporate, multinational investigation projects
  • Earlier, Assistant Director: Training & Special Investigations at SARS: Customs & Excise (1980 - 1996)
  • Highly skilled in collecting and preparing evidence / cases for prosecution.

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Commercial Crime & Corruption Investigations / Accounting & Paper Trails / Investigation Methods / Interviews, Depositions and Affidavits / Interaction with Legal Representatives & Prosecutors / Evidence Collection Interaction with the NPA, SAPS and corporate Management and staff.

    Advocate & Commercial Crimes Investigator

  • 23 Year's experience as a professional in the Commercial Crimes, Investigation sector
  • Currently Investigator specializing in Commercial Crimes at Basileus Consilium Professional Services
  • Investigator at SAPS Commercial Crimes Unit, 1989 - 1999
  • BLC & LLB degrees in Law, University of Pretoria
  • Admitted Advocate of the Supreme Court

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Commercial Crime Investigations / Investigation Methods / Interviews, Depositions & Affidavits / Interaction with Legal Representatives, Advocates & Prosecutors / Evidence Collection / Interaction with the NPA & SAPS / Providing Legal Advice.

    Advocate and Legal and Forensic Investigations Professional

  • 25 Years experience in Policing as a Prosecutor, an Advocate and in the Forensic Investigations sector
  • Currently Head of Legal at Basileus Consilium Professional Services
  • BProc, LLB, LLM (Labour Law) degrees, University of Johannesburg

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Legal Processes / Criminal Prosecution / Forensic Investigations / International & Local White Collar Crime, Fraud & Corruption / Liaison with the Hawks, NPA & SAPS / Business Operations Management / Human Resources

    Criminal Investigations and Legal Professional

  • 30+ Years veteran Public Prosecutor
  • Currently Investigator at Basileus Consilium Professional Services, investigating and driving cases through all criminal investigation, evidence gathering and prosecution processes in cases of corporate Fraud and Theft
  • Degree in Public Service Law (BJuris equivalent), University of Natal

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Criminal Investigations and Legal Processes / Forensic Investigations / Evidence Gathering / Paper Trails / Crime Intelligence Gathering / Criminal, Fraud & Theft Investigations / Risk Consulting / Witness Interviews / Charge Sheet Formulation / Preparation of Cases for Court (Regional and High Courts) / Interaction with SAPS, the NPA & Advocates

    Commercial Crimes Forensics and Investigations Professional

  • 19 Years’ experience in Commercial Crimes Investigation & Forensics
  • Experience with SAPS and in the corporate sector at Unibank (now ABSA)
  • Currently a Commercial Crimes Investigator at Basileus Consilium Professional Services
  • Offering expert level knowledge and hand’s on expertise across the Commercial Crimes and Corruption spectrum, including Accounting & IT
  • Upholder of the highest professional standards & forensics 'best practices'

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Forensic Science / Commercial Crime & Corruption / IT / Accounting & Paper Trails / Investigation Methods / Interviews / Reporting / Interaction with Legal Representatives & Prosecutors / Evidence Collection / Legal Procedures

    Certificated IT Technician

  • 17 years experience in the IT field. From desktop support to server administration, with various certifications, i.e. Windows , Server Network Infrastructure, Environment and Management. Active Directory, Planning and Maintenance, Server Network Security Design.

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Telephonic, remote support, firewalls, connectivity via fibre links, NAT rules, updates (for example VIP, Pastel, Enigma), general infrastructure maintenance and expansion of current hardware and software, Biometric and Pin door access, PABX users, phones and recordings, maintain users on hosted exchange, business computer setups and downloading of programs. Extensive knowledge of the Windows Operating Systems,MAC Certified Technician, a proven ability to assess problems and research solutions as well as good knowledge of the business side of IT.

    Information Analyst

  • Mariuske has 24 years experience in Security-, Investigative-, Intelligence-, Risk Management and Forensic Analysis in Government & Private sectors in Tanzania. Mariuske was the first woman in South Africa to be trained in the Pilot Public Order Police Course. Experienced in Forensic Fraud Investigation and Analysis.
  • Currently she's performing Forensics Data Analysis Consultancy Services on an ad-hoc basis. She is an advance user of i2 IBM Analyst Notebook, i2 IBM iBase Designer, Online Intelligence Occurrence Book and Online Intellegence Risk Manager.
  • To gather, collate and analyse intellegence information that leads to an actionable policing activity. Crime Intellegence operations, Informer handling, Organized Crime, Counter Intelligence and Investigations. Mariuske recieved recognition from the Crime Intellegence Divisional Commissioner for outstanding achievement.

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Mariuske has shown particular success in Data and Intelligence Analysis / Business Intelligence and Analysis / Risk Management / Data Mining / Project Management / Research and Training.

She has completed courses in Analyst Notebook v5; i2 Analyst Notebook v6 Upgrade; Financial Investigations; i2 iBase User v4; iBase Designer v4; i2 Text Chart & Text Chart Explorer; MS Project Basic to Advanced; ANACAPA (Criminal Intelligence Analysis); i2 Analyst Notebook v7 Online Risk Manager v4; ACT Professional for Workgroup 8.0; Crime Intelligence Operational Analysis; Intelligence Management Center.

    Financial and Business Management Professional

  • Muhammad has 15 year's experience in Financial, Accounting and Business Leadership
  • Previously Group CFO/Financial Director at previous employer
  • He had advanced and specialist experience with business turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, integrations and restructures
  • B.Com (Wits), Certified Fraud Examiner

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Business and Financial Strategy/ Turnaround Strategy/ Problem Solving and Negotiations/ Financial Management/ Cash Flow Management/ Management Reporting/ Accounting (GAAP, IFRS, Etc)/ Financial Statements/ Budget Preparation/ Financial Controls and Systems/ Risk Management/ Governance/ People Development.

    Executive / Director

  • Paul has 17 years experience in the investigations and security industry. He worked in various commercial industries and joined Associated Intelligence Network (Pty) Limited in 1999
  • In 2004 he was appointed a Director of Associated Intelligence Network (Pty) Limited, with a staff of 25 investigators and necessary administration staff
  • He went on to become a member of the executive in a number of business enterprises in fields of security, cleaning, tactical response, credit control and debt collection, guarding and investigations
  • He is currently the sole director of Basileus Consilium Professional Services (Pty) Limited, with registration number 2014/224985/07 fully staffed with experienced investigators, legal consultants, lawyers and advocates and a full administrative division


  • Warren matriculated at Kind David Linksfield in 1981 and from there completed his stint at National Service
  • He attended Damelin College where he received a Diploma in Security Management
  • From the late 1988 Warren became involved in the Security Industry which was in its infancy in South Africa at the time
  • Through his time in the Security Industry he had a vision to create a Professional services company that could deal with the complex landscape of Forensic and Investigative Services in the New South Africa
  • He was one of the founders of Associated Intelligence Network (Pty) Limited in and around 1994 which in a very short space of time became part of a diverse group of companies specialising inter alia in the fields of Forensic Consulting and Investigating, Digital Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensic Services, Security Services, Risk Assessments, Behavioural Assessments, Hygiene Services, Credit Control, Tracing, Facilities & Management, Personal Protection amongst others
  • In 2008 the group became known as SSG ( Specialised Services Group) and the growth continued exponentially both locally and Internationally
  • In 2014 Warren and the Forensic Team exited SSG to form BCPS

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

A comprehensive ability to provide workable practical solutions to very complex challenges.

    Corporate and Risk Strategist

  • 15 Years’ commercial and civil litigation experience as an attorney in private practice
  • 5 Years’ concurrent experience as a freelance Legal Consultant to SMME clients with a focus on contractual negotiation and drafting, corporate structures, labour, taxation and all aspects of business enterprise
  • Currently Corporate and Risk Strategist at Basileus Consilium Professional Services
  • B A & LLB degrees, University of Witwatersrand
  • Previously admitted Attorney of the High Court.

- Advanced Skills and Expertise -

Business Crime Investigations / Litigation Support and Case Building / Interviews, Depositions & Affidavits / Interaction with Legal Advisors, Attorneys and Advocates / Project Management and Implementation / Risk Analysis / Corporate Strategy / Labour